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    You used to enjoy your career but lately you have found yourself feeling increasingly frustrated, bored and unfulfilled by your work.

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    You realise there’s more in you, more potential, you want to explore your deeper skills, follow your passions and make a difference.

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    You are aware that time is ticking – life is not a rehearsal and you are anxious not to miss the boat


Are you a mum at a career crossroads but unsure what path to take next?

  • In your current role you feel stuck, stagnant
    you know that you have got to your limit and need a new challenge.
  • You realise you need to be out there in a role that is more intellectually challenging
    you need interest and professional satisfaction. Trouble is, you don’t yet know what that role is. The longer you stay stuck and underutilised in your work, the more this erodes your confidence and leaves you feeling deskilled, devalued, invisible and unsure how to go about making new opportunities for yourself.
  • You sense that if you want something meaningful in your life and career you need to make a change now
    The frustration and stress that this situation is causing is making you more irritable at home and threatening to cost the happiness of everyone around you.
  • If only you knew what career path was right for you you’d be out there making it happen

The good news is there is a way to successfully navigate this career crossroads.

I’m Hilary Lees and at Essence Coaching I’m committed to helping you make the shift from frustration to fulfilment in your career and life.

I’m passionate about helping mums like you reconnect with your skills, talents, passions and potential. I have the tools and techniques to help guide you along your path to find clarity, focus and make considered, confident choices.

How do you get started?

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